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Farmatural 25/10/2020
Hoy quiero hablaros de la 309 Manuka Honig

Miel procedente de Nueva Zelanda.

La miel de Manuka es el resultado de un proceso en el que las abejas polinizan el néctar del arbusto Manuka, también conocido como 'el árbol de té', que se cultiva en Nueva Zelanda. Conocida como "El Santo Grial" por los antiguos, esta jalea ha llamado la atención de numerosos científicos y profesionales médicos, que afirman que contiene propiedades beneficiosas con las que la miel corriente no puede competir. Entre otras cosas, esta maravilla de la naturaleza ayuda a regenerar la piel, a mejorar el proceso digestivo y a evitar infecciones. ¡Puedes tomarla de mil maneras!


Esta miel es perfecta para aquellas pieles secas o poco hidratadas que se secan o que se descaman con facilidad, sobre todo en invierno, ya que contiene altos niveles de colágeno(puedes deshacer una cucharadita de esta miel en agua y agregarla a tu leche corporal o a tu crema facial)

En Nueva Zelanda, su lugar de origen, esta miel ha sido utilizada para curar cortes y heridas durante más de 4000 años.La Manuka actúa acelerando la cicatrización y regeneración de la piel, ya que destruye las bacterias y evita infecciones.(se puede poner directamente sobre la piel, ncluso para personas que han sufrido quemaduras en su cuerpo)

la miel de Manuka puede proporcionar alivio en los eccemas y calmar la dermatitis y otras irritaciones y lesiones de la piel.

Exfoliante dermoabrasivo para piel y cuerpo.

La miel de Manuka está compuesta por un sinfín de vitaminas y minerales.Aporta vitalidad al cuerpo(se puede tomar directamente o diluida en un líquido caliente)

Esta jalea puede calmar algunos problemas como las úlceras de estómago, el síndrome de intestino irritable, el reflujo ácido y la indigestión.(tomar diluida con un poco de agua después de las comidas).
No lo dudes,el mejor regalo de salud en cualquier época del año....pero ahora que vienen las fiestas Navideñas,aún con más razón.
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As a self-employed worker in Germany, I worked a lot of hours every day and I didn’t pay much attention to myself. However, I noticed that I was gaining weight over time.

Despite working out in the gym, it didn’t change much, it didn’t matter if did more or less exercise.

I followed all the instructions I was told at the gym by a coach, including the meal, but the result was not satisfactory.

My partner, Dolores, was working in a pharmacy in Barcelona, which sold Le Parc Institut products. She told me about fantastic results with these products, which she observed with customers. She had a device (Vitality) that was able to read the body.

The next time I visited Barcelona, I did a Vitality test. Dolores discovered that my stomach didn’t produce enough pepsin, so all protein metabolism didn’t work well from the start. That’s why she gave me a product from Le Parc Institut that lasted a month.

At home I kept going to the gym regularly and in 2 months my body made such a transformation that my trainer gave me flyers with free trial training in case someone asked me about these changes. In a very short time I lost several kilos of fat and gained muscle.

When I visited again my partner, Dolores, testing with the Vitality showed that my stomach had been repaired and that it was working normally again. Now, other things like blood pressure, the circulatory system could be considered for the better.

Thanks to Le Parc Institut, my blood pressure is normal without taking medication. I haven’t even been sick since a long period of time. I used to have colds three or four times a year.

Now my partner and I live in Mallorca and have opened a “Parapharmacy” in Santa Ponsa. There we help people at the local and globally by internet to improve their health.



I am a pharmacist and have worked for many years (and go on) in different pharmacies,attending to the people that come inside the pharmacy.

It was always very attention-struck, that people who came to the pharmacy never healed. They started taking medications and most were increasing the number of medications and the number of diseases.

This to me was a shock because I had studied the career for the purpose of helping people heal and I wasn’t getting it.

The problem for me was finding a solution that could be on the same level as the medicaments and at first I didn’t find it.

It took almost 30 years to arrive, in a “casual” way, Le Parc Institut to my life.

His philosophy of human body functioning and the combination with natural products, was able to change people’s lives and they ceased to be sick or at least their ailments greatly improved.

That’s exactly what I needed to help people. That’s why I set up my Parapharmacy in Santa Ponsa (Mallorca). From here I can personally advice the people of the island. But I am also available to everyone who wants to contact me online and wish to improve their health with Le Parc Institut products.

I’m happy to help people have a better life.

Now I’ve made it.


What does Farmatural Mallorca offer?

Farmatural Mallorca is a shop placed in Santa Ponsa and  an online parapharmacy too- that offers a lot of services: Natural products from the last technology,personal care about all your worries about health, natural cosmetics,esential oils and so on.

We have discovered that many people are looking for natural products to improve their well-being and improve their vitality and performance.

Therefore, we have decided to offer exactly these products. You can buy them all online, but also in our store in Santa Ponsa.

Body Analysis and products for improvement

We offer to you a different kind of devices that can look inside your body and say where are your health problems and after you can have a personal care to solve them

The “Quantum” is a measuring device that uses the bioresonance of the body.

Here you can find detailed information on the quantum and bioresonance analysis.

Online Parapharmacy

Farmatural Mallorca offers all its online parapharmacy products for all those who already know exactly what they want or need. For all who need detailed information and those who have doubts and prefer to see the products physically, we invite them to visit our physical store Farmatural Mallorca in Santa Ponsa.

How can I help you?

I suggest you just tell me your worries. Use this 15 minutes!

  • In these 15 minutes I will judge if there is anything I can do for you.
  • In case there is nothing I can do, I will tell you frankly.
  • If I can help you, I’ll explain how.
  • However, you have the final say about what you want to do.

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